Rt 1 South Brunswick Gets Traffic Relief, NJ Okays Shoulder Extension

October 25, 2023

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – Relief from traffic jams during peak hours is here for motorists using Route 1 in South Brunswick.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT) has approved the extension of the outside shoulders on Route 1 throughout the township during rush hour.

The Pilot project is for a period of six months and will allow motorists a trial period beginning at Aaron Road in North Brunswick and ending at Route 522 in South Brunswick as regular lanes of traffic during both the morning and evening rush hours, according to the township.

This will then link with the current stretch of Route 1 where this practice is now authorized and ends at Independence Way.

The final design is expected to be submitted to the NJ DOT by the end of 2023 with construction to begin in the Spring of 2024. The road will be open for travel by June 2024.

The process is similar to the initial phase of this project which began in 2019 that allowed the usage of the shoulder lanes on the southern end of Route 1.

Sen. Andrew Zwicker (NJ-16) said he was thrilled with the announcement that the DOT is moving forward on the Route 1 shoulder expansion program.


“We know that the existing use of the shoulder during peak traffic hours has significantly increased traffic flow without sacrificing public safety. Traffic delays are clearly frustrating to motorists, but they are also a drag on our economy,” Zwicker said.

“I commend the officials in South Brunswick for their persistence in addressing this problem and the DOT for taking action to resolve it.”


Deputy Mayor Joe Camarota noted that since the original Pilot of the Route 1 Hard Shoulder Running was so successful, the township’s primary goal has been to extend this project throughout South Brunswick.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this project implemented and I’m confident it will have the same positive impact that now exists on Route 1 where this is in place and be so successful that it will also become permanent,” Camarota said.

“I know Mayor Carley and my Council colleagues share my appreciation for our State legislator’s efforts in getting this Pilot project approved, and the DOT, for recognizing this problem and taking action to address it.”